Poetry by Sunshine

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The Night

During the Night,
Under the clouds,
the only light coming from the moon
there is finally enough space for everything inside of you to unfold. 
Even if you just sit there and breathe. You can literally feel everything inside of you filling up all the space around you
….until you’re empty 

During the Day…continue reading

when i write

i find myself writing
at times when my heart is bleeding
at times when my tears are flowing
when my hands are shaking
when my bones are aching
when the world is spinning
and the sky is falling

i find myself writing…continue reading

suppressed emotion

This abrupt feeling of hatred and hurt that grows like a beast inside my belly and suffocates like mold on my heart… where is it coming from

Why do I feel the clasp of suppressed emotion around my soul, as though one is in distress and clenched his fist around me

How does this sudden change inside of me grow to become my personality

What is that horrible stimulant that makes me feel oppressed and dark

For years I have been fighting this battle with myself.. this battle of having a third hand…continue reading

First Kiss

of all the words in the dictionary,

there are none to describe the feeling

of when your lips touched mine


she was the sunshine breaking through the darkness of the night

she was the eye of the storm, calm with a war raging around her… continue reading

The Queen’s Crown

A Queen puts the crown on her own head.

pieces of a puzzle

Our edges fit together… continue reading

do not misunderstand

Please do not misunderstand me.

I am simply hurt that you fell for the antics of a child… continue reading