The Luck She Felt

I’m going to tell you a Story of a Girl. A story about the time the girl reveled in her luck.

For years, she had been internally struggling with anxiety and the pressure of crowds. Agoraphobia. Panic attacks became a norm when feeling suffocated by the crowds or the vast emptiness of being alone.

Too difficult for others to comprehend, she hid this condition. She hid from her reality.

Yet there was one individual, who had once seen her almost lose her mind in a crowd, that she confided in. Only once. Continue reading The Luck She Felt


The Girl Who Met a Strange Boy

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once there was this girl, and by the age of 14, she had been through the most tragic moments of her life. She had felt her heart being ripped to pieces and shredded by those who claimed to love her most. She was broken and lonely, she had no place to call home. For she lived in a house, just a building of terror and deceit, not the comfort anyone would imagine to find in a home.

She had the worst nightmares, many of which become reality.

She was a sad and lost little girl.

She lost all her values and starting thinking and doing inexplainable things, to herself and others.

She lost it all: she lost her faith, she lost her family, and she could not remember her friends. She held onto one, though.

Someone who managed to save her.

She had a friend, such a dear person to her heart. A person whose beautiful and bubbly personality changed the way she viewed the world.

This friend reminded the girl of her religion. She reminded her of the tests of life. She reminded her there were yet reasons to smile.

And so the girl did. Continue reading The Girl Who Met a Strange Boy