Hello and welcome to my page!!

I’m nothing too special of an individual but I am an avid reader and writer. I am hoping to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and writings with the world, as I have always dreamed as a child.

I go by the name Sunshine, which was a nickname set for me by a very special person in my life. Cringe, I know. But, this does play into my mentality of wanting to express myself in my truest and rawest way; going by Sunshine is the first part of that.


I will be having multiple segments on my website, although they will not start up all at once. I hope to one day have a solid page of longer writings, poems, hopefully a novel, and book reviews.

As of now, I have no particular days of publishing my work. They say an author must never be rushed. I will share my thoughts with the world once I feel the confidence to do so. That being said, most of my writings will be personal or based on certain aspects of the life I’m living. However, I am open to suggestions from the public on topics for various written pieces. A form found in the Contact The Author tab can help you with that 😊


  • I love tiny, fuzzy animals. I’m not even a dog or a cat person, I’m a big bunny lover
  • I have a passion for teaching and working with children. I hope that will be my full-time job someday.
  • I am a vegetarian. No, I do not know when I will eat chicken. No, I do not miss the taste. Just a personal preference.
  • I’ve been wearing glasses since middle school, although I technically should have been wearing them since 2nd grade. Young glasses folk, you can relate, right?
  • I can talk your ears off. What can I say? Bad habits die hard.
  • I believe in hard work and smart work as a go-to solution for many problems we face in our daily lives.
  • I am an impulsive online shopper. Dangerous habit, would not recommend. 10/10 satisfaction though. 12/10 instant gratification.
  • I never grew up watching much television so I probably don’t know you’re favorite TV shows! I will definitely watch what is suggested by you all, though.
  • I love love loveeee talking to people and learning about different ideas. Feel free to talk to me whenever you want!
  • I would wear the smell of books as perfume if I could. I think that says enough about me as a person than anything I’ve mentioned above.

I cannot wait to see what adventures we have together exploring various writings and creating my own!

 I hope to one day be able to climb the hardest mountain of my life!
Cartoon Credit: @TheAwkwardYeti

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