On Writing

I am writing.

I am writing. I am breathing. I am working.

but I am not living.

I am writing, I am speaking, I am moving,

but I am not living.

I am writing, loving, dying, crying, grasping, pushing, pulling

but I am not living.

but at least

I am writing.

So I am alive.

Poetry by Sunshine

6 thoughts on “On Writing

    1. Hi there! I’m not quite in a great place right now — both physically and mentally — so I’m taking some time off for my health. I have written some shorter pieces that I’ve kept in a private folder, but I’ve been considering posting some more soon. Thanks for checking in!


    1. Hi! I’ve been writing some pieces when I feel the need to relieve the extra pressure on my chest but have been keeping them private. Maybe I’ll look through them and post something soon! Sorry for being offline for so long— just been struggling to push through some stuff.


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