suppressed emotion

This abrupt feeling of hatred and hurt that grows like a beast inside my belly and suffocates like mold on my heart… where is it coming from

Why do I feel the clasp of suppressed emotion around my soul, as though one is in distress and clenched his fist around me

How does this sudden change inside of me grow to become my personality

What is that horrible stimulant that makes me feel oppressed and dark

For years I have been fighting this battle with myself.. this battle of having a third hand

One which I cannot control, one in which I am under complete control

I may have a mind, a heart, a soul, a body

but all are suppressed in the presence of the Hand.

My suppressed emotions, which I do not know are there, they rear their heads and spit their flame

they coil and wind in my belly, they thrash about, creating a disturbance on my face

they whip their tails, causing pain I did not know I held

The Hand riles them up. 

The Hand takes fun in waking up these beasts and destroying me, inside to out

the fiery burns of their poison attack 

the intelligence in their movements follow a mind I cannot comprehend.

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