The Girl Who Met a Strange Boy

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once there was this girl, and by the age of 14, she had been through the most tragic moments of her life. She had felt her heart being ripped to pieces and shredded by those who claimed to love her most. She was broken and lonely, she had no place to call home. For she lived in a house, just a building of terror and deceit, not the comfort anyone would imagine to find in a home.

She had the worst nightmares, many of which become reality.

She was a sad and lost little girl.

She lost all her values and starting thinking and doing inexplainable things, to herself and others.

She lost it all: she lost her faith, she lost her family, and she could not remember her friends. She held onto one, though.

Someone who managed to save her.

She had a friend, such a dear person to her heart. A person whose beautiful and bubbly personality changed the way she viewed the world.

This friend reminded the girl of her religion. She reminded her of the tests of life. She reminded her there were yet reasons to smile.

And so the girl did.

She was miserable and sobbed in the comfort of her friend, but she learned a  thing or two. The girl realized that selfishness was not an option. That love will always exist, somewhere. And if you cannot find it, you must bring it.

At 15, the girl was starting to find her religion again. She was starting to feel welcome again. She had decided to live life as she had it, and to make the most of everyday. She tried her best to be happy and make good memories.

But there was still that ghost of despair, haunting her every day and making her cry at night. She was bullied and put down by others, their words ringing in her head.

She put on an act to be okay, even if deep down she didn’t feel it.

At 15 and a half years old, she came to terms that her life would be so different from now on, and that she must move on. She decided that it was time for her to grow up and build a new life. She was determined not to let anything phase her. And she did.

She won that battle for a short time.

In the 9th month of her 15th year, she met a boy. A strange boy. Someone who was so different from who she was used to. This boy was friendly and genuine, but she felt him to be too friendly.

This boy intrigued her, annoyed her, and excited her, in ways she hadn’t felt before.

So she decided to keep her distance for a while.

In the 11th month of her 15th year, that strange boy left, and somehow, through leaving, found a way into her life. Into her heart.

She built a strong relationship with this boy, over the phone, and so it was a strange sort of friendship. One where you could never tell exactly what the other person was thinking or what they were doing. And like that stayed.

She felt broken by his absence, although they were never close before. She took a hard hit when he left; it affected her so personally she would cry at night thinking of him.

It reminded her of how alone she had been left before.

And it made her worry over him, thinking of how alone he must feel. She connected with this strange boy in a way no one would have imagined.

It was all very strange, one would say. Him. Their friendship. Her heart. All very strange.

Although she was broken by his absence, she was comforted by his presence.

At the same time, in the 11th month of her 15th year, this girl connected with another boy. A boy who had grown up with; a boy who was just as lonely as she was.

The girl and the boy found each other in the most innocent of ways, as childhood friends who wanted that friendship to live on forever.

Somehow, that feeling turned intimate and they made a mistake. Because of this, they lost everything.

She no longer had this boy as her friend. And she had already stopped talking to her friend who had felt.

However, she did have another friend. A girl. She was the most peculiar person yet, but she had such a tender heart. The girl wanted to stay by her side forever.

This girl’s friend was someone who helped her grow.

And even after the terrible break up on her 16th birthday, her friend was there for her and reminded her to smile.

This friendship blossomed like a flower, slowly, yet producing the most beautiful sigh anyone can look for.

This love was real.

And so the girl knew, good times will come. And bad times will come. But what truly mattered, was how you dealt with those times.

In the 3rd month after her 16th birthday, the girl once again fell upon injury. This time not of the heart, but of the body.

She was in bed for a solid week, she was in a wheelchair for a solid month.

Through all this time, she had three people in her heart and on her mind

The girl who was always there for her. The girl who made her feel strong, even though she was weak

The boy who had left her and erased all their memories over silly mistakes

And the strange boy who would not leave her head. The boy she found herself talking about constantly

In the 8th of her 16th year, the girl was growing strong. She felt better. She knew this time that she was okay. She had grown out of the pain of the past, although it still lingered inside of her. This time, however, she did not feel its crushing weight.

This year was going to be a great year. She started off great, she knew what she was doing, She felt confident. She felt loved. She was happy. She had who she needed.

That is, until she lost the one she overlooked. The girl who always took care of her, got left in the dust by the excitement of this girl’s life. She was okay for a while.

In the 11th month after her 16th birthday, things changed. She became distant. She became hollow. She was lost in a world she had created in her own eyes. And although it worked for a while, it was starting to become a little dangerous. During this time, she met a man. Someone older, someone smarter, funnier, and stronger than her.

After her 17th birthday, she started to feel something that scared her a little. She grew an attachment to someone who was bound to hurt her…again. But through this experience, something amazing happened.

She grounded her feet again. She found herself back on Earth and put herself in place. She was going to be okay. But by this time, she had lost the girl friend of hers through her distraction and selfishness. Once again, she vowed not to be selfish. She finished the year strong, but a little confused as to who she really was.

In the 6th month after her 17th year, the craziest and most amazing thing happened to her.

The strange boy was back.

He was real, he was alive, and he was here.

She was bursting from joy and excitement even she could not understand. That same day she texted him, and for two entire hours debated whether to go see him or not. She asked her strongest supporter and gathered her will..and went to meet him.

She was not ready for this moment. Nothing could have prepared her for this moment.

For he was no longer a strange boy, no. He was a beautiful and intriguing man.

She gripped her supporter’s hand so tight, it was bound to fall right off. She was so nervous, and way too excited. It did not make sense to her.. why was she so excited? Why was she so nervous? And how did he come back?

It was such a beautiful moment. Knowing that this strange boy, the boy who held her heart in tumultuous times, was back in her life. It was so surreal, and for many months after that, the feeling stayed. It could not be real because it was too good to be true.

The girl’s heart was so full of happiness at his presence, it worried her. And what he does not know, because she never told him, was this: after seeing him and talking to him for the first time, she left and cried and cried and cried. Unsure of what was to come, unsure of herself, happiness overflowing from her heart, it was all a mess, but this girl knew only one thing: she would not let him go this time. She had made a terrible mistake before.

For months, the two grew closer again. Getting to know each other again. He was in a relationship with someone who had hurt him badly, and the man from her 17th birthday wormed his way back into her life. They were both confused and lost.

She helped him by shining rays of light through the dark clouds in his life. He helped her by taking her heart and mending its pieces.

In the 8th month after her 17th birthday, she told him. She told him she loved him

And that she would not want anyone else but him

That his beautiful heart and peaceful soul, that his troubled mind and warm eyes, were all she needed.

Ever again in her life

She told him that he was her only one.

That she had surrendered her life to him and that her heart belonged to him

She told him to keep it and take care of it and he did.

He was so tender, so loving, so beautiful and amazing was his care. She fell for him; She fell in so deep, but she didn’t want to get back up.

In the 11th month after her 17th birthday, she had been getting confused. She had been getting worried. And in trying to get him to prove his love, and in trying to prove her own, a terrible mistake was made again.

He broke her soul. And she crushed his heart.

She did not know it would end this way, or end so soon. But his passion was too intense for her to handle. She was still weak. She did not realize that she still loved him. And in her loneliness, she attached herself to another person.

Someone who was not good for her. Someone who was toxic. Someone who showed care, but never found the genuineness for it. Someone who used for personal benefit. Someone who hurt her more than she expected. Someone who did not understand her.  She was being silly. For she had lost a very special person and negatively affected her own life by falling in the trap of another.

All the while, she knew she cared deeply about this strange boy, but was not sure if she loved him just yet.

But after her 18th birthday, she knew.

The second month after her 18th year, she broke under the weight of hopelessness.

She knew she loved him.

She knew she needed him.

She knew he was the one.

This man, whom she had let go of so many times before kept finding his way back into her life. And she knew.. that this man, no matter the amount of pain he brought, was and would always be the right one for her.

And now, at the end of the third month of her 18th year, she knows for a fact that the strange boy who came into her life at the age of 15, will be the man she will marry when she is 23.


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