The Night

During the Night,
Under the clouds, the only light coming from the moon,
there is finally enough space for everything inside of you to unfold.
Even if you just sit there and breathe. You can literally feel everything inside of you filling up all the space around you
….until you’re empty
During the Day,
With all the distractions and the people and the bustle and the noise…
It’s hard to get the breather you need
At Night,
or even moments of complete solitude during the Day.
Sitting alone at a park bench,
There’s suddenly enough room for things to leave you.
And if it’s too much, I swear you feel a crushing around you
On your head.
On your heart
A physical weight by everything you’ve let unfold.
Even if you don’t say anything or let any emotions out,
It just bleeds through your skin,
Until the space is all filled up,
And if there’s no more room, it comes crashing down on you.
Pushing you further and further down
It engulfs you
Sometimes it is like a warm hug.
Sometimes it is like suffocating.
I thrive,
at Night.
~ The Night, a written piece by Sunshine
The Overflowing Journal, Poems

Note: Photo does not belong to me. All credit goes to the owner.

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